Florence and the morgans

All photos below belong to Florence and The Morgans


In 2016, Ellie and Scott discovered a rundown 1990 FIAT Ducato Elddis camper van in a stranger’s driveway and after careful consideration, it soon became theirs. Although the FIAT Ducato has gone by many other names—Peugeot Boxer, Talbot Express, Citroën Jumper, depending on the country—Ellie and Scott knew that their new vehicle now had only one name: Florence. When Ellie and Scott first got her, Florence was in serious need of repair. Although her 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine still worked fine, years of neglect had left her rotting from the inside out. With just six weeks and £1000, Scott and Ellie managed to transform Florence from a dilapidated van destined for the scrapyard into a vibrant and spacious home on the road.


Ellie and Scott had to overhaul Florence’s interior completely. In order to minimize the costs, they relied on recycled timber and textiles to rebuild her from the ground up, creating in the process a bright and open yet deeply intimate and eclectic space. The walls feature a combination of rustic oak woodwork, tongue-and-groove panelling, mosaic tiling, and small portions of retro carpeting. The laminate flooring complements the exposed woodwork while offering enough durability to not have to worry about every bump and scrape on the journey. Ellie and Scott also purchased some simple IKEA 12V LED lights, which they installed and connected to the van’s battery power to provide a simple yet effective lighting system. Silk-white wood accents, colorful striped upholstery, and antique storage shelves made from repurposed carpenter’s boxes help to reinforce the artisanal, cozy feel of the interior.


Ellie and Scott love to cook, so they needed a space in their campervan for all the amenities of a full-size kitchen. They knew they wanted a stove-oven unit, which they found with a Flavel B600, a delightfully charming gas cooker that sits flush with the countertop. Next to the cooker is a stylish Belfast sink. Scott made the water faucet from recycled copper and simple push-fit fastenings. Below that is an Electrolux refrigerator. Up above, their storage shelves made from carpenter’s boxes make for the perfect place for their spices, cooking supplies, and a fresh herb garden.


If there was one area that Scott and Ellie could not skimp out on, it was the bedroom. A fixed, permanent bed was absolutely essential, so Scott installed a wood bed frame in the back of the van constructed from new pine lumber. Ellie was then able to snag a free memory foam mattress after working on the set of a mattress advertisement. The fruit of their labours is a comfortably and cozy space, with a shelf of maps hanging above, storage space below, and a wide open view to the outdoors at the back of the van. Plus, overhead LED lights allow for easy reading while curling up in bed.


Scott and Ellie needed a versatile space that could meet their varied needs. With that in mind, they designed their living area to be spacious but also to maximize storage, workspace, and room for seating. The dining table serves as the central fixture of the living area. On one side, a storage bench serves as a seat, a storage box, and a foot stool, and can be moved easily around the area of the camper van. It’s made out of hardwood siding with foam-padded cushioning on top. On the other side of the dining table is the van’s passenger’s seat, which swivels around so that it doubles as a dining chair. For added workspace, the driver’s seat can be pushed forward to make room for an extendable counter-top, which then folds down when not in use.


Florence is equipped with gas and water plumbing. She uses a Propex Furnace gas heating system to keep Ellie and Scott warm insidge their camper van during the winter months. Up top, Scott and Ellie have managed to re-fit a house alarm onto Florence’s roof to keep her safe for when they are away from the van.