Goose and Ellen set off to explore Australia with their two cats in their self renovated home on wheels, The Jah Bus. The Jah Bus is a retired school bus that has been converted into a tiny moving home. While it takes money, time, effort and love, Goose and Ellen make it hard to see any downside to living a nomadic life-style. The bus cost under five thousand dollars to start with before it was fully renovated. Goose and Ellen live full time in The Jah Bus and the bus is currently stationed in Adelaide, with plans for many more adventures to come.


When entering The Jah Bus, you are whisked away to a small beach house somewhere in the Carribean. The large windows give the bus a breezy feeling, and the open usage of space makes the inside feel spacious. The pastel pink and white striped curtains only add to the costal feel.

With a reclaimed coach seat, custom built furniture, and a beautifully hand built interior, the rustic design really comes to life. The space is perfectly lit with recessed lights under the cabinets. Goose and Ellen jam out in the evenings to AC/DC played from a bluetooth record player cleverly disguised as a black suitcase. For the winter months, foam insulation has been installed in the roof and sides of the bus, and the curtains provide another means to keep heat trapped inside. One downside is that the bus doesn't currently have air conditioning, which will make for some very uncomfortable times during the hot summer months of Adelaide. But there are plans for an air conditioner in the near future.

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Spot Light LEDs
Suitcase Record Player


The bus has a fully functional kitchen that you would expect in a regular home. Full countertops, a miniature oven with four burners, a microwave, and even built in cupboards for extra storage space. Goose and Ellen have also equiped their home with running water which is pumped from a water storage tank, which makes washing dishes and keeping things clean easier than ever. The sink drains into a 20L grey water tank stored under the sink that can be easily removed and dumped. Having a full kitchen enables Goose and Ellen to cook full, homemade meals for themselves as well as whip up fun travel snacks.


The Jah Bus has another very cool and important feature; a fully functioning bathroom. Having a water tank large enough to run a shower and sink means Goose and Ellen are able to stay clean and don't have to make any sacrifices to do so. Everything they need is right on The Jah Bus!

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Grey Water Tank


The bedroom is equipped with a full bed and the windows have been covered up to allow for more privacy. The bed itself can be flipped up, allowing more space for cargo or for just an extra area should the need arise. This also allows Goose and Ellen access to the bus's fuel fill and access hatch.


When inside the bus, Goose and Ellen spen most of their time lounging on their custom built couch with repurposed memory foam cushions and unique bar stools handmade out of old metal keg containers. Saving money wherever possible was a priority for the couple so they ended up building most of their furniture themselves out of things they had lying around or used items they found for cheap.

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Memory Foam


The bus is equipped with 800 watts of solar panels and 1080 amp hours of AGM deep cycle batteries all controlled by a 60 amp MPPT charge controller. Because Goose and Ellen need significant power to run their large refrigerator and future A/C, they have installed a 2,000 watt inverter to ensure there is enough power to go around.

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Solar Panels
Charge Controller