The Nomadic Movement is traveling in a 2004 GMC Savana school bus conversion. The skoolie was purchased for $7,900 with 72k miles and was converted into a livable tiny home after only 2 months of renovation time. The vehicle is 20 ft in length, weights 9,000 pounds (fully converted) and achieves a fuel efficiency of 11-12 mpg. The skoolie still has its original paint job from the Bangor Maine YMCA as an attempt to remain stealthy when urban camping


The inside of this bus feels like a mico wood cabin with tongue and goove paneling finished with a golden pecan stain. The gray laminate flooring is tough as heck to protect against spills, dents and scratches from Lola. 4 over head spot light LED’s and 2 side strip LED’s allow for both control of brightness in the bus and usage of battery power. Accents of green and yellow pop from the eclectic feel achieved by the bookshelf, Tibetan Prayer Flags and potted plants.

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Prayer Flags
Spot Light LEDs
Strip Light LEDs


One of the reasons Kaylee and Jordan hit the road was to have more time doing the things they loved (like cooking!) They built their kitchen as large as they could to have ample space for food prep. The 2 burner gas stove is fueled by a propane tank under the sink which lasts them about 2 months at a time. They have running water pumped to the faucent from a 33 gallon tank in the back of the bus and a sink that drains into a 5 gallon grey water tank that can be emptied at the flip of a lever. Under the left side of the kitchen counter is a 45 quart DC fridge and on the right side are cleaning supplies and a trash can. Since they cook at least 3 meals a day in their bus, they have a huge assortment of spices on the wall carefully collected from their travels to Morocco and Western Europe


It might not look like there's a bathroom in this bus but, while it's unconventional, Kaylee and Jordan have found ways to have nearly all the same comforts of home. For a shower they have mounted an instant hot water heater onto the back of the bus which is connected to the water tank and propane lines. It definitely will take a little bit of humility to put on a baithing suit and go for shower off the back of the bus but it definitely would come in handy when parked in remote locations. When in cities, they rely on a Planet Fitness membership to clean themselves regularly. And for a toilet, they have installed a "pee tube" which is nothing more than a funnel connected to a piece of vinyl tubing that runs out the bottom of the bus. Out of respect for the people around them, this is a toilet only to be used in off road locations.

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Vinyl Tubing


The bedroom has a homey spacious feel with lots of headroom and twinkling lights. The bright white colors on the full size memory foam mattress allow for more colorful throw pillows and sheets. At the end of the bed are 2 reach in cabinets - the left containing toilitry items and the right containing the water pump.
The one request Kaylee had when building out the bus was to have her own bookshelf above her bed. Jordan did a fantastic job creating this simple yet effective design to hold not only books but plants and inncesnse holders. The touch of rope draping down with lights wrapped around brings in a warm cozy touch that keeps you from ever wanting to leave this little space!

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Twinkling LED Lights


The space in this bus has been changed a few times over the past year. Originally on the left side of the bus was a large brown reclining couch but after requiring more storage space, the couch was removed and a custom built bench was put in its place equiped with a hinged seat for storage underneath. The bench is made out of 5 inch memory foam and upholstered with a bright green and white fabric. To the left of the bench is a storage cabinet containing dry goods, cookware and toilitry supplies.
When forced to be inside, Kaylee and Jordan spend most of their time on this couch, reading, creating music and editing videos.

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Memory Foam Mattress
Love Seat


The bus is equipped with 300 watts of solar panels, a 250 amp hour sealed lead acid battery and controlled by a MPPT charge controller. Kaylee and Jordan love their charge controller because it shows the amount of power coming in through the solar panels, how much is being used and how much power is remaining in the battery through a small LCD display.
They mounted an extractor fan over the kitchen to help with ventilation from cooking and move air in and out of the bus on warm days.