Trent & allie


Meet Trent and Allie, full-time Van Lifers living and sharing their journey in their self-converted 159” extended RAM Promaster with their four-pawed friend, Frank! Not only are they inspiring and seemingly self-effacing people, but their van is also refreshingly colorful and especially designed for active, outdoorsy living! After bidding a farewell to their first van in November 2017, it took them nearly a year to customize their new camper (lovingly called Pamela Vanderson) into a portable home, ready to embody the art of camping. With 80 sq. feet of living space, it cannot only haul their stuff like a truck but also leverage the luxury of a queen size bed, a mobile office, portable bathroom (and shower!) and a three-part water filtration system!


The inside of the van has a calm, contemporary feel to it which is elevated by tidy white metal walls adorned by a tongue and groove ceiling! While the soft white ceiling spotlights make the space white and bright, the ultramodern appearance comes to life with custom built sapphire blue drawers that provide plenty of storage space. What’s more? With a spacious booth area, cute little wardrobe and a decorative wall clock, the van’s interior make the space feel like a fully livable home.


‘Storage-efficient’ is the name of the game when it comes to the kitchen design! Aimed to facilitate easy cooking without any compromises, the kitchenette features a solid wooden countertop that lifts up to reveal a utilitarian combination of a miniature oven and a three-burner propane stove. In addition, there’s a stainless steel sink and faucet that is equipped with a water filtration system to ensure clean drinking water.
The kitchen is enriched with the generosity of an espresso machine, electric kettle, and hand mixer that come handy for both baking and cooking. The kitchen also boasts of a compact 4.5 cubic feet fridge that does its job better than a cooler and is capable of storing enough food for about a week.


Pamela Vanderson has another very cool yet important feature; a fully functioning shower! Loaded with the goodness of a 33 gallon water tank and a tank-less water heater, the shower supplies an abundance of water, meaning Trent, Allie and Frank can stay clean and don't have to make any sacrifices to do so. And for the most important piece of it all, the bathroom is equipped with a nature’s head composting toilet to take care of all their sanitation requirements.


The bedroom gives a relaxed, homey vibe with plenty of headroom and dim recessed LED lights. Trent and Allie pride themselves on their 6” queen size memory foam mattress from Amazon, and find it even more comfy than the bed they left back home! The mattress is elevated to fit two large cabinets over the foot of the bed, where the couple stores clothes, adventure gear, and additional non-perishables. Plus, there is a large, airy window just above the bed that ensures the van remains cool and comfortable. Cushion-soft pillows and a spare blanket mingle up to make the space ultra- comfortable and inviting.


When inside the van, Trent and Allie spend most of their time lounging in their custom built living space that is especially designed to accommodate full-time living during all four seasons! The multi-purpose living space showcases comfortable benches and a pullout table that is used as a workspace, dining area, or general hang out zone! With 80 square feet of living space, it has been the couple’s motto: ‘the more roomy living space, the more you’ll find things to fill it with’.


The Van is equipped with 560 watts of solar panels and a 700 amp hour battery bank to power all the electronic appliances onboard. The installation of a split charge relay allows the batteries to be charged even when there’s not much sun to be had! In the winter, the duo stays warm via a furnace that runs on propane and is mounted under one of the benches in the living space. Plus, there’s a thermostat aboard that keeps the van warm and toasty.
In an endeavor to fight off the summers, they have installed a Maxxair fan that helps move fresh air throughout the van, keeping it cool and comfortable. They also use insulated window coverings (in the summer and winter) to either help reflect the hot sun out of the van or keep the warm air inside the van!